Not only Da Lat has beautiful homestays, Khanh Hoa also booms with the famous homestays. This post will introduce to visitors some beautiful homestays that cannot be missed in Vietnam luxury tours.

For a long time, Khanh Hoa has become the familiar destination in best tours in Vietnam with the beautiful coastal city and the appearance of the unique homestays. The first place would be mentioned in this list is Ccasa Hotel which is built on the idea of the old model of the container. Taking advantage of space and cleverly furnished items, Cscasa becomes an attractive place and lefts a good impression on tourists staying here.


The modern beauty of the first container hotel in Nha Trang

Ccasa’s patio is very wide, which has just been decorated in the West style. It brings the feel of visitors in an ultra-safe, not in a hostel. Therefore, many couples choose Ccasa as their resting place in Vietnam honeymoon tours.


The rooms in Ccasa homestay with the silhouette of the colorful containers

The most special feature in Ccasa Hostel is the terrace which has stretched net through the skylights. Visitors can go there to read books, play music, chat or lie. This is an ideal place to relax and enjoy the most leisurely private moments.


A huge plus point for Ccasa is the terrace with nets stretched through the skylight

If Ccasa is designed as a container, visitors when coming to Tabalo are attracted by the design of cabinets in ships that are floating on the sea. The plus point of Tabalo is where there are many rooms distributed all over the 5 floors of the house and full of both dorm rooms and double rooms.

Stepping into this hostel, visitors certainly will not think they are in a hotel but in a luxury yacht

The suitable convenience in Tabalo homestay are also the attraction of tourists in Vietnam tailor-made tours when visiting Nha Trang.


The color of the rooms is simple but modern

Located in Vinh Hai Ward, Nha Trang City, S.House homestay is the beautiful place which is chosen by many couples for Vietnam honeymoon tours. This is the place for those who love photography. Every corner of this house is beautiful and suitable for couples to take pictures to save memories.


Every corner in S.House is appropriate for photography

The space is very simple with beautiful small pots, romantic window corner, and cute kitchen.


The space in S.House is simple but cozy and lovely

The next homestay not to be missed when taking part in Vietnam luxury tours is Anan Homestay. This homestay is located next to Pham Van Dong road along the beach in Nha Trang. Therefore, it has the location and the view which are good to visit the attractive destinations in Nha Trang. There is Hon Chong, Ponagar tower, which is about 1km. It is about 2km to the city center or Dam market.

An An has 9 rooms with full facilities such as air conditioning, private WC and all rooms have windows so that visitors can enjoy the full flavor of Nha Trang Sea.


The bedroom in An An is simple but full of natural light

In addition to private facilities, the homestay also provides us with a shared kitchen with free tea and coffee and basic utensils to use. In addition, the terrace has the view to see beautifully the sea. On the terrace, there is also a washing machine and available with soap, so you’re sure not to keep the dirty clothes for a few days.


The kitchen is really impressive as it is staged in music videos in Annie homestay

It can be said that Annie homestay is a house of friendliness because the style of service is extremely enthusiastic. From Annie, visitors just take 5 minutes to walk the sea, and it is very close to going to the playground such as Sailing club, Luziana.


Annie homestay is considered as a house of friendliness

These mentioned above are some famous and beautiful homestays in Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa, we wish you will have a wonderful summer vacation there.

Enjoy your wonderful trip to Yen Island in Nha Trang


Nha Trang city – the capital city of Khanh Hoa Province is situated on the South Central Coast of Vietnam. This place is such an amazing sea city that thousands of both domestic and international visitors come and explore its remarkable length of beautiful coastline and a lot of islands with various sizes, making it become one of the most popular stops in best tours in Vietnam.

Among 19 islands located in Nha Trang, Monkey Island (Dao Khi) is one of the most famous places because of its amazing variety of the species that inhabit in the island. Another interesting island is Hon Tre Island which covers a vast area of 35 square kilometers with striking landscapes.  In particular, another place to explore in your Nha Trang island tour is Yen Island or “Đảo Yến” in Vietnamese. Yen Island certainly brings visitors a great impression with its salangane and a local delicacy made from its nests; pristine beaches; and peaceful and majestic landscapes.


Yen Island

General information about Yen Island

Located in 17km from the center of Nha Trang, Yen Island is highly considered as one of the most wonderful islands that both local people and foreigner tourists like to pay a visit again in their Nha Trang tour. The island is famous for the special and unique double natural beach. What’s more, it is also the great place where you can find thousands of salangane nests harvested for many years in order to make the special food of Nha Trang “dãi yến” or “bird’s nest”

What to do in Yen Island

If you visit Yen Island, it is necessary to explore the double natural beach in Yen Island. Because of the unique flows of water, it’s got a cold side and a hot side. You cannot find any beach that is unique like this in other places in Vietnam. The beach becomes a famous attraction among both young people and photographers. Why don’t you spend a happy time exploring the one-of-a-kind beach with your family and friends during your Nha Trang island tour?


Double natural beach

Additionally, you can also get an opportunity to conquer the Du Ha Mountain of Yen Island. The mountain is about 100 meters high and is quite easy for tourists to reach the top. Remember to prepare your camera to capture all the breathtaking, panoramic view of the scenery of the island’s beauty.

Moreover, you can climb to some rock cliffs while playing in the island. There are also some bamboo bridges curving around the cliffs designed to enable tourist to enjoy the magnificent landscapes.

In addition, Yen Island is home to the greatest number of salanganes and their nests in Vietnam. Visitors may go explore the caves where the salanganes make their own nests on the rocks.


Salangane’s nests

When the tide goes out, tourists can also see a number of wonderful corals in Yen Island. It would be a great chance for your kids explore and learn the nature.

When to visit Yen Island

The best time to pay a visit to this beautiful island is from the beginning of April to the beginning of September. The reason for this is that during this time, the weather is quite dry and the beach is clean. Additionally, it is also the salangane’s nests harvest. The harvest occurs twice a year, in March and August. If you are lucky, you can have a chance to experience how Nha Trang people collect the nests.

How to get to Yen Island

One thing you need to remember that tourists may only travel to the island during the day. To pay a visit to Yen Island, you have to go by boat or ferry. You need to get to Cau Da harbor to buy a ferry ticket to get there. The ticket prices are about 300,000 – 350,000 VND per person including breakfast, drinks, fruits, lunch, and sweets. It usually takes you about 2 to 3 hours to go to the island.


Travel to the island by boat

As one of the best islands in Vietnam, Yen Island is definitely an ideal site for you to spend your summer holidays relaxing with your family and friends. Get your luggage, enjoy your trips and save as many wonderful memories as you can in your Nha Trang island tour.


Come and discover Bun Cha Ca – The pride of Nha Trang people


Located on the South Central Coast of Vietnam, Nha Trang is the capital city of Khanh Hoa Province. It is a wonderful sea city along with a great length of pristine coastline and a number of islands, helping it become unique and noteworthy compared to any other places in Vietnam.

There are absolutely tons of things to do in Nha Trang. The sea city is also a well-known city where most of the great Beauty Contests of Vietnam and even some of the World has been taken place, Miss Vietnam and Miss Earth for instance. Especially, the special event “Miss Universe Pageant 2008” occurred in Nha Trang in general and the 5-star resort Vinpearl Land in particular which makes the people living there seriously proud. Other cultural events attracting thousands of both locals and foreigner tourists are Sea Festival organized annually and Nha Trang Rendezvous Festival held in every 2 years.

Nha Trang Cuisine is also one of the reasons why there are a great number of travelers enjoy their trips and decide to come back to Nha Trang again besides these natural beauties and cultural activities.

There are seriously so many delicious dishes to enjoy in Nha Trang food tour such as Nem nướng Ninh Hoà (Ninh Hoa dried spring rolls), Bánh Canh (Canh Cake) or Bún Sứa (Jellyfish Noodle). In this article, you will get some of the interesting information about an amazing special delicacy name Bún Chả Cá (Fish cake noodle soup) which may make your Nha Trang tours more exciting.


Nha Trang

Fish cake noodle soup

Fish cake noodle soup in Nha Trang is widely known as the best one though it is made in many places in Vietnam.

Chả Cá (Homemade Fish cake) is the main ingredient to make the special taste of the food. Other important ingredients are amazingly chewy squid cakes, catfish, onion, and dill. The fish noodle can be divided into two types: grilled or poached group fish.

Now you must be curious about how to cook the most delicious fish cakes for your noodle? It all depends on the types of fish you use. Mackerel, Barracuda, and lizardfish are always highly recommended by professional chefs. The very first step is that you will marinate fish meat with ground garlic, chili, salt, and peppers, then mix them with minced pig skin. Why pig skin? Because it could make the fish cakes a little chewier. Afterward, you had better knead the mixture for several times, form it into as my small round pieces or balls as you can and finally grill them.


Bun Cha Ca

What’s more, another feature which is also crucial in evaluating the quality and the taste of Vietnamese noodle is the broth. Normally, the chefs usually bring the fish bones broth or pork bones broth with cabbage, tomato, pineapple, pumpkin and even drive bamboo shoots to a simmer. Additionally, some spoons of shrimp sauce or “mắm tôm” in Vietnamese – a unique and traditional sauce of Vietnamese culture are added into the broth in order to make Bun Cha Ca’s flavor more special. Do not worry about that. Though the smell of shrimp sauce itself is not that good, its combination with other ingredients would not disappoint you with its wonderful taste. When you enjoy eating this dish, do not forget to try it with fresh herbs given by the chefs for free. The more you eat, the better the aftertaste you would feel.

This simple and delicious food is one of the best highlights in Nha Trang culinary tour. Local people consider it as the remarkable part of the culture which attracts more and more international tourists giving it a try in their Nha Trang tours.

There are some places in Nha Trang that are considered as the great places to get a bowl of Ban Cha Ca.

  1. Madam Lan Bun Cha Ca – 99 Yen Bai Street
  2. Bun Cha Ca 6B – 61 Le Hong Phong
  3. Bun Cha Ca Ong Ta– 109 Nguyen Chi Thanh Street

Bun Cha Ca served with fresh herbs

Do not forget to try Bun Cha Ca – one of the best dishes of the sea city when you enjoy your Nha Trang tours with your family and friends.

The Must-Visit Isles Of Nha Trang Island Tour


The coastal city of Nha Trang beach is a fine destination all year round, especially for all Vietnam tour for family. It is endowed with a series of natural sites and islands. Even if tourists travel for more than a few times, you may not discover all the islands. The common feature of the islands here is the pristine beauty of the scenery, crystal blue water, and the fact that each place has its own mystery, waiting to be explored.

Diep Son Island

Located in the seaboard of the famous Van Phong Bay, Diep Son Island consists of 3 small islands. There are not many signs of exploitation, so the seashore is still very pristine and well preserved. Tourists will have the opportunity to admire the fairness of white sandy beaches, clear blue water, and gorgeous grasslands.


Sea passage of Diep Son island

It is the only isle in Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa island tour that offers tourists the thrill of excursion the unique sea passage, connecting two islands in Diep Son range. The fact that it is also the highlight of Diep Son makes it is even more interesting to tourists.

Strolling on this path will bring you a sense of excitement and a little fear as you have to walk in the vast ocean. Tourists can also enjoy the breathtaking view of the fishery swimming on two sides as well as joining the fishing with the fishermen.

Hon Mun Island

Hon Mun island is famous for its deep blue water and stunning coral reef ecosystem. Marine ecology here is extremely diverse and rich. Inside the caves of Hon Mun are the habitat and nest of oats.


Viewing coral reefs

Hon Mun is the first marine sanctuary in Vietnam that has been assessed by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) as the primary marine biodiversity area in Vietnam. According to statistics, Hon Mun has up to 1,500 species of coral and marine life.

Therefore, viewing coral reefs is one of the most exciting activities here. Not only that, Hon Mon also has white sand and pebble area of many different sizes.

Binh Hung Island

Binh Hung is also known as Ty island or Chot island. Setting foot on the island, tourists will be spoiled by the blue sea along with white sandy beaches. The beaches here are not as long and wide as in Mui Ne or Nha Trang but they are always soilless and crystal clear. The sea is gentle and not deep, wading a few dozen meters, visitors can even see the coral right under your feet. Especially on the shore, there are boulders with many shapes, designs, and different colors.


Binh Hung island

Not only is the scenery so poetic, the weather here is very favorable with the cool air and the sea breeze makes you want to spree all day long.

Yen Island

This is the only place in Vietnam travel agency where tourists can witness and experience the double beach. Guests can enjoy warm water on one side of the bathing-place and cool water on the other side, this happens because of the natural impact of sea currents.

From Cau Da port, tourists have to buy a train ticket to get to Yen island. Due to the management of Khanh Hoa Salanganes’Nest Company, tourists cannot travel by themselves. You can book a day tour for 350.000 VND per person, including the cost of island tour and dining.


The double beach in Yen island

The highlight of the trip is the sight of oat’s nest, especially the Ngoai island, where has the largest oat’s habitat and reserves in Vietnam. In addition, guests can also observe how the local harvest oats at the cliffs. To go from cliff to cliff, tourists will go through bamboo bridges.

Whale Island

Whale Island, also known as Ong island, is a small island located in Khanh Hoa province. It is very different from other tourist islands since there are no inhabitants. On the island, there is only one resort, Whale Island Resort, and island services are provided by this resort.

On this island, the issue of wildlife conservation and environmental hygiene is very emphasized, so besides the resort, there is almost no tall buildings or inhabited. This means that tourists will be completely surrounded in nature with a vast sky and sea, suitable for those who like to explore the nature and stay away from the noisy bustle of urban life.

Activities at Whale Island are mostly concentrated in the seashore. Try different outdoor activities such as dipping in the blue water, visiting the island by kayak, diving or hiking.

Azure surrounded setting, sandy cliffs, and soft sand of Nha Trang island tour will bring tourists the best memories. The islands here are preserved with genuine wilderness, there is no noise and commotion, nor any building so it is an ideal tourist attraction.

Ponagar (Thap Ba) Cham Tower In Nha Trang Tours


In the coastal city of Nha Trang, tourists cannot miss the Ponagar Tower – one of the most famous historical and cultural monuments here. Not only is it famous for beautiful sightseeing but also for its monumental architecture built by the ancient people, attracting pilgrims from the four points of the compass in search of natural wonders.

A legend land

Queen Ponagar – also referred to as Pu Nagar or Po Ino Nagar – is the goddess created by clouds and sea foams, the creator of the earth, breeding of precious wood, trees, and rice. The name “Ponagar Tower” is used to refer to the whole structure, but it is actually the name of the largest tower, about 23 meters high.


Ponagar towers

Legend has it that queen Ponagar status, according to the traditional belief of Cham people, has no clothes. But nowadays, Ponagar towers used by the Vietnamese with the goddess dressed in Buddhist style.

The monument of Ponagar Tower, built around the 8th century, is one of the architectural complexes of Cham culture that has the largest scale in the rest of Central Vietnam. In the 13th century, the Hindu period (Hinduism) was flourishing in the ancient Kingdom of Champa.

Flawless architecture

Ponagar Tower has unique architecture and is almost untouched by time.

About 2 km from the city center, the tower is built on a fairly flat, spacious land of a marble hill, 10m above sea level, on the banks of the Cai River, Nha Trang. The architecture of the Ponagar Tower consists of 3 floors.


The architecture of the tower

Lower level: There used to be the gate tower evening to the flat ground but it was devastated. Therefore, the stone stairs lead up to the middle floor.

Middle floor: There are only two main octagonal pillars left, each with 5 meters in diameter and over 3 meters in height. On the two sides of the large columns are 12 small and lower columns, placed on a brick floor higher than 1 meter. Based on the structure, it is said to be a large building with a tiled roof, where pilgrims visit before making offers to the temple. From this middle floor, there is a steep staircase leading up to the top floor.

Top floor: The place where towers were built in the Cham style with no adhesive. The outer surface of the tower has many edges and cylinders. On the body of the tower, there are many statues and reliefs of terracotta, including Ponagar, fairies, animals like deer, lion … These steps have not been used for a long time. The one made of laterite which tourists see today in the South was built in the 1960s due to the increased demand of Nha Trang, Vietnam tour package.


Reliefs of terracotta

In this architectural complex, many of the oldest inscriptions of the Cham are still preserved, recording the worship of the field and the slave labor of the goddess, the praises as well as listing valuable tributes.

Ponagar Tower is a typical work of Cham architectural and sculptural art. Construction techniques from the 8th to 13th centuries are still a mystery. Although many scientific works have been done, people still do not understand how Cham people have made the bricks stick on top of each other without any binder. It is this unique feature that makes visitors more interested in this tower temples.

Thap Ba Temple is classified by the Ministry of Culture as a national historical monument in 1979. With its unique and original architecture, the Temple of Ponagar is a pilgrimage site for the followers of religious ceremonies and tourists of Nha Trang tour for family.

Glamorous festivals

On the annual pilgrimage from March 20 to March 23 (lunar calendar), Ponagar Tower welcomes thousands of visitors to the area. Thap Ba festival is ranked as one of 16 national festivals with many interesting and diverse activities to introduce and honor the beauty of Cham culture.


Cham dance in Thap Ba festival

One of the most unique legacies of the festival is the shadow theatre. At Ponagar tower, there is a dancing team with Cham artisans, they are happy to serve tourists and also willing to dance at the request of visitors without charges.

Visiting Thap Ba towers in Nha Trang tours, besides learning about history and ancient architecture, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy Cham dances by the Cham national dance performances. Champa dancers indulge visitors, giving you a beautiful impression when coming to this revered place.



Nha Trang serves tonnes of tourists every year, especially during holidays. Coming here, you can go swimming in the clear and cool water and enjoy fresh seafood at an affordable price. Today, we will introduce you to a delicious dish that may be familiar to many travel lovers, Vietnamese fish cake, and rice noodle, which you cannot miss in Nha Trang food tour.


Fish cake and rice noodles – a specialty of Nha Trang

Fish cake and rice noodle also know as “Bún Chả Cá” in Vietnamese are made from two main ingredients: grilled chopped fish and rice noodle. Its broth is a crucial factor affecting the quality of the dish as well as how delicious the soup is.

Depending on the eating habit of each family, they have different ways to make their own soup. Some make use of some kinds of vegetable, pork ribs or another kind of fish to create the broth. Fish cake which is completely made from fish with a little black pepper, after being fried till it turns golden yellow will attract the eaters from the first sight. It would be better if you eat it with some kind of Vietnamese herbs, fresh vegetable, and the special fish sauce or green chili sauce. That why it is always suggested in by many Nha Trang travel guide.


Fish cakes which make the dish more delicious and well-known by most eaters

Fish cakes will be made in 2 different types, depending on different eating habits: fried fish cakes and steamed fish cakes, but both of them are really delicious. Steamed fish is covered with a thin layer of egg yolk on the surface, which will help it become more contemplating and eye-catching.


Steam fish cakes with an eye-catching cover of egg yolk

These yummy fish cakes are usually made from some kinds of fresh fish caught by the fishermen around in Nha Trang, especially Vietnamese lizardfish. Thus most fish cakes have the natural sweetness and distinctive fragrance. The broth also has the sweetness taste from fresh fish and fragrance from some other ingredients like red chili, black pepper, and green onion. You can enjoy this food during a day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner or as much as you can but do not worry about getting fat, especially women who pay much attention to the body shape.

It seems that fish cake is a little bit strange to the foreigners since they have not seen or tried it in their country. Some guests said that even there were quite a few Vietnamese restaurants in their nation, but they had not tried it yet. So when coming to Nha Trang, they are so impressed by its state, “it‘s really good” is what they admitted after eating.

Some restaurants also serve fried fish cake and rice noodle with jellyfish and some other seafood such as shrimps, or squid. So do not ignore this food when taking Nha Trang tours this summer.

It would be so great if you enjoy this specialty when taking Nha Trang tailor-made tours with your family or friends and then have some drink together. Therefore, it is nothing wrong when someone says that “Bún Chả Cá” is not simply food but it is also a string connecting people to people.

Here are few restaurants serving the best Bun Cha Ca in Nha Trang. For those who travel to Nha Trang for the first time, this recommendation is quite valued.

  • Co Ba

Located at 123 Yersin, Nha Trang, it often opens from 6 am to 11 am and from 3 pm to 9 pm every day. A bowl of fish cakes and rice noodle will cost about 25.000 to 35.000 dongs.

  • Ninh Hoa

Located at 170 Bach Dang, Nha Trang, this one only opens in the afternoon and evening, from 4 pm to 9 pm. The restaurant not only serves good food but also good iced tea. The price of a dish is also quite cheap, about 35.000 dongs.

  • La Dam

This restaurant is located at 6 Han Thuyen, Nha Trang. It serves the highest standard noodles, coming here, you can enjoy special fish cake and rice noodle with jellyfish.

Hope with this useful information in this post, you guys will have an unforgettable Nha Trang tours with your friends and family.

What to know about traffic in Vietnam


It is not always half the fun to get where you need to go, but in Vietnam, at least, the country’s abundant means of transportation options make traveling relatively painless. Whether you are nipping about Vietnam in a cyclo or heading off into the countryside on the back of a motorbike or by bus, rental car, or sleeper train, getting around Vietnam, especially these big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City is reasonably easy.

So what do else do you need to know before you travel there and enjoy a city tour in Vietnam? Well… a lot! So read this quick and handy guide to make sure you will be having the best memories in our welcoming country!

How do you get around?

Vietnam might be bigger than you might think, so it is impossible to see our whole country in just one visit. However, no matter how long you are planning to stay in Vietnam, you should plot your journeys well in advance and take the costs and practicalities of your travel decisions into consideration.

Vietnam by public means of transport


Vietnam by public transport

Since the quality of public means of transport within a city often depends on its size, these bigger cities such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh do frequently have pretty good extensive public transport network. Expect to easily get around by bus and train.

Vietnam by motorbike


Sea of motorbikes in Saigon

Whether you are traveling to the big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City alone or as part of your Vietnam tours, it is likely that all of you will want to experience riding your own motorbike to get around. And for those who plan to drive in our S-shaped land, the most crucial piece of advice your Vietnam local tour operators can offer is this: We drive on the left side of two-way roads here and speed limits are applied.

Vietnam by walking


Vietnam by walking

Another idea suggested by your Vietnam local tour operators? Also, prepare to enjoy walking in Vietnam! Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are very big walking cities so take advantage of getting this exercise every day. Like most other big cities in the world, they provide you with a broad range of short yet exciting walking tours. Thus, it is still nice to be able to explore these cities on your own. If you value your life, always wait for the traffic light to go green before crossing the road. It can be a bit daunting and even an utterly terrifying act but once you get used to it, it will be really interesting.

Some useful tips to cross the road to make your walking holiday in Vietnam safer and more enjoyable


Crossing the street in Hanoi

The walking routes take hours to complete but it grants you the incredible possibility of diving into Vietnam’s history and culture. There is a reason why crossing the streets is one of the most interesting things to do in Vietnam but before we get started; let’s have a brief recap of the techniques to cross the roads.

  • Check before you step: Before your first step, make sure to spend time gauging what the traffic is doing!
  • Walk out with confidence: When crossing, take a deep breath and walk straight across the road. Do it slowly but confidently. Keep looking and listening for traffic while crossing.
  • Keep your attention on the road – look in all directions for approaching traffic!
  • Do Not Stop – whatever you do as any sudden movements will only mess with the traffic system.

What to know in Vietnam? The first tip from your Vietnam local tour operators for reading this guide is to keep in mind that no matter the area in which you find yourself, none of which can compare to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in term of the simple yet less-organized traffic in stark contrast to its surrounds. And crossing the road is one of the first examples of culture shock you will definitely get in Vietnam.

Most Fascinating April Events and Festivals to Enjoy in Vietnam (part 2)


You go on a Vietnam tour for family for many reasons, either to take the family away for a special treat, get away from it all or to explore new places and unique cultures. And festivals in Vietnam are such a perfect way to experience our S-shaped country in a unique and different way.

During the fourth month of a year, there are some fabulous festivals and events that are well known for their exclusive ambiance and memorable status. Rightfully popular and gaining more devotees each year, all of these events are well worth your time. Why not organize one of your next holidays around one of the most fascinating April events and festivals in Vietnam? In no particular order, we have compiled a list of must-experience events this festival season and beyond.

Hung King Temple Festival – One of the largest public holidays in Vietnam – A UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity


Hung King Temple Festival

Hung Kinh Temple Festival (or Giỗ tổ Hùng Vương or lễ hội đền Hùng to locals) is a 4-day festival held each year in at the Hung King Temple on Nghia Linh Mountain in Phu Tho Province, some 53 miles northwest of Hanoi capital city. Running from the 8th to the 11th day of the 3rd lunar month, with the 10th day of the 3rd month being the main festival day, it is one of the most famous events in Vietnam in April and the country’s largest festivals, with more than 5 million visitors attending every year.


One of the largest public holidays in Vietnam

With roots in celebrating the lives of the fearless ancient Vietnamese rulers during the Hong Bang period, remembering, and paying tribute to their contribution, the Hung King Temple Festival is an important part of Vietnamese culture. The event features many exciting parts including an elephant march, lavish feasts, a procession starting at the foot of the mountain and making a stop at every temple on the ascent, incense and prayer offerings as well as performances of Vietnamese music and songs.

  • Location: Hung Temple, Nghia Linh Mountain, Hy Cuong Commune, Viet Tri City, Phu Tho Province.
  • Time: April 25th, 2018 – the main festival day.
  • Objects of worship: Hung Kings – the fearless founders of Vietnam and became our first emperors.

Hue Festival 2018 – One of the most anticipated cultural events in April in Vietnam


Hue Festival

With the theme “Cultural Heritage with Integration and Development; Hue – one destination, five World Heritages”, the 10th Hue Festival is an amazing event out there to suit every type of traveler on their Vietnam tour for family in 2018.

Here, during the six days of the festival, excellent performers of all sorts delight visitors with the quintessence of Hue’s cultural and artistic values. The festival is best known for its Buddhism cultural events, the national competition of  “Hát văn” or “Chầu văn” (spiritual singing) and street performances themed “Cultural Colors”, but also features a cuisine fair, colorful street parades, a competitive sampan-racing competition, kite flying, international trade fair, sightseeing tours, and much more to look forward to.


An anticipated cultural event in April

Showcasing a lot of stunning art performances representing different cultures of Vietnam and dozens of countries in the world, Hue Festival 2018 is believed to be a venue for international arts exchanges between countries and an event to attend on your tour for family in Vietnam.

  • Location: Historical venues around Hue, including the Hue Citadel and An Dinh Palace.
  • Time: From April 27th to May 2nd, 2018.
  • Objects: Commemorate the cultural and historical milestones of Vietnam in general and Thua Thien Hue Province in particular.

Vietnam is, famously, a festival-lovers’ country, where uncountable fabulous events are held all year round. Some people plan their family tour in Vietnam during the off-season, in order to avoid terrible tourist crowds. But it is also such a great idea to come to our country when you know you can find a crowd—and one-stop shopping for everything you love about our dear nation.

Most Fascinating April Events and Festivals to Enjoy in Vietnam


Even though spring starts in January in Vietnam, April is when a lot of flowers are still in its full bloom vying with each other to show off their impressive beauty (like lilies, hoa sua (milk), and hoa gao (bombax) flowers in Hanoi or do quyen (azalea) in Hoang Lien National Park in Sapa) and the temperatures really start to rise across the country. As a result, many destinations around our S-shaped country will host festivals and events to celebrate the holidays and season. If you are looking for the top events to attend on your tour for family in Vietnam this year, look no further.

We have compiled a list of extraordinary events happening around Vietnam this April 2018. Hope this to be a useful recommendation on your family tour in Vietnam.

Da Nang International Fireworks Competition 2018 (from April 29th to June 30th)

For Da Nang people, April is synonymous with the international firework competition, which is definitely the most eye-popping and thrilling way to say hello to the summer.


Da Nang International Fireworks Competition

With the theme “The Legend of Bridges” inspired by the bridges that have carved the history of Da Nang evolution, Da Nang International Fireworks Competition marks the 10th running of the most fiercely competed for the award in the World firework calendar event. This remarkable festival of lights will take place on April 29th in 2018 – and fireworks are all part of the fun. What can be better than staring at the dark night skies only to have it lit up by spectacular pyrotechnics and fireworks displays like never before?

This year, on 5 selected spectacular fireworks summer evenings and a series of striking, simultaneous events from April to June, top eight teams from Vietnam, Sweden, Portugal, Poland, France, USA, Italy, and Hong Kong will present breathtaking fireworks displays in the exciting atmosphere and stunning scenery of Tran Hung Dao, the main street on the eastern side of the Han River, acclaimed as the symbol of Da Nang City.

A world-renowned extravaganza of light and sound, Da Nang International Fireworks Competition has long been one of the many fascinating festivals in Vietnam. Watching eight terrific teams once again turn “the place to take in all city’s light” into a splendid backdrop for sophisticated pyrotechnic effects and breathtaking impressions is certainly an incredible sight on your Vietnam tour for family.

Halong Carnival (April 28th)


Halong Carnival

A convergence of color, sound, light and the essence of human culture – colorfulness and excitement turn everyday norms upside down, the joyous carnival season is fast approaching Halong – the 56th in the world’s 100 leading cities in terms of international tourist arrivals.

A favorite tradition kicking off on April 28th at the Sun World Halong Park in Halong City in the northern province of Quang Ninh, the Halong Carnival – the biggest annual festival in the UNESCO World Heritage Site is a celebration of arts and entertainment. Events and activities include non-stop live entertainment, grand fireworks shows, joyous street parades with a variety of elaborate dress codes and dance on wide streets along the coast, street festivals presenting traditional festivals, and so much more.

Bright illumination, colorful parades, obscure costumes, hedonistic rituals, and a magical music background of a great musical party that blaze a trail through the evening – the Halong Carnival 2018 under the theme “Halong – Heritage, Wonder – Friendly Destination” is one of the most exciting April events to attend on your Vietnam tour for family. Get your costumes ready!


Get your costumes ready!

With patches of dry weather across the country, April, which can come with the numerous advantages associated with lower visitor-numbers, is one of the best months to go on a Vietnam tour for family. Whether you are taking a trip to Da Nang in Central Vietnam for several different nights of Da Nang International Fireworks Competition (April 29th, 2018) – one of the longest-running annual fireworks displays in the world or lending a helping hand beautifying the Halong Carnival (April 28th, 2018), there are so many fantastic opportunities to make unforgettable holiday memories in April—no matter where you are in the Central Asian country of Vietnam.

Beautiful homestays in Nha Trang you should choose

S.House-Homestay -hellovietnam

Summer is the season that rages through space. Usually, everyone in the summer thinks of going to the beach. Nha Trang has long been known as the beautiful and blue sea, the city is green and sunny. And your Nha Trang tour you must consider where to stay that is the most convenient and save money? In this writing, you will find out the best homestays in Nha Trang.

Let’s explore the beautiful Nha Trang homestay which will surely make you fall in love with this beach city. Not only beautiful but homestay these homestays are very suitable for overnight or long days Nha Trang tour. I would like to introduce to you the top 7 homestays which are at a reasonable price but still beautiful free.

Ccasa Hostel


Ccasa Hostel

  • Address: 24 Sao Bien Street, Vinh Hai Ward, Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa Province
  • Room price: VND 127,000 / bed

Ccasa is a concept homestay built with old containers. Taking advantage of both space and skillfully crafted items has made Cscasa impressive and left a strong impression on holidaymakers. Casa in Latin means “home,” homestay hopes Ccasa (Container Casa) will be where all the visitors come to feel as comfortable as in their own home.

This property is a 3-minute walk from the beach. With BBQ facilities and views of the garden, Ccasa Hostel is located in Pham Van Dong Beach area of Nha Trang. Wi-Fi and private parking are free on site.

Ccasa’s diner is just off the beaten track, just as wide as Western style, feeling like you’re in an ultra-cafe, not a hostel. Taking a virtual live photo here and walking to the sea pose is a great option for your Nha Trang private tour.

S.House Homestay

S.House-Homestay -hellovietnam

S.House Homestay

  • Address: 20 Bac Son, Vinh Hai, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa

This is the place for those who love “virtual life” because every corner in this house is beautiful and suitable for you to take pictures. The space is very simple with beautiful little pots, romantic window angles, cute kitchen, this is probably space will hold the hearts of the visitors because you will feel like you are at home when in S.House.

Also known for its cool design with colorful door panels are arranged delicate, S: House is one of the most famous homestays in Nha Trang Vietnam beach vacation.

Every corner of S: House is meticulous care, in harmony with nature. Another thing that makes S: House so popular is that homestay is just a few minute walk from the beach, so convenient

In S: House there are 2 options for you: 1 bed 1m8 – 2 m price 600k / night, with balcony and window. Type 2 bed 1m6 with windows, price 500k / night.

Also, we can rent motorbikes right here at 100k / car and 120k scooter again!

An An Homestay


An An Homestay

  • Address: 10b / 34 Pham Van Dong, Son Hai, Vinh Tho, Nha Trang, Vietnam

An An Homestay also owns the layout, the decoration is quite simple but will make you feel like staying at home right. From this homestay, you can easily go to many famous sights in the city such as Cham tower, Yersin museum … If you want a nice space, gentle to rest at a reasonable price. This might be worth a look.

Homestay is located right on the Pham Van Dong road along the beach in Nha Trang, so the location and view are good to hear: a few dozen steps to Hon Chong; Less than 1km to Ponagar Tower; and only 2km away from Dam Market and downtown.

An An has 9 rooms with full facilities such as air conditioning, private WC inside. Each room has a window which creates for you an opened space and makes you be closer to nature. You can enjoy all the must things to do in Nha Trang.

In addition to private facilities, the homestay also provides us with a shared kitchen with free tea and coffee and basic utensils to make use of. Moreover, the terrace in here is also an ideal destination for you to contemplate beautiful nature. You can sunbathe in the early morning or hold some BBQ parties with your friends in the evening. On the terrace, there is also a washing machine available with soap, so be sure to keep your sanding for a few days!