Attracting Night Spots In Nha Trang Island Tour


Being one of the most gorgeous destinations in Vietnam, Nha Trang island tour is always the favorite destination of tourists near and far. Especially at night, when Nha Trang is another whole different ornament with exciting activities, entertainments, and bustle.

Christ the King Cathedral

For an evening walk on Thai Nguyen Street, tourists will find the grand and beautiful Christ the King church shimmering in colorful street lights from the center. The Western features of architecture make this place a unique sight of Nha Trang city.


1. Inside Christ the King church

From a distance, Christ the King church looks like an ancient Roman castle. It is one of the unique architectural style of France, built entirely by the structure of Gothic churches. The whole church is a beautiful art-space with immense ward chapel and a bright flood of illumination that most visitors, photographers, and filmmakers are very fond of. The special feature of the church is the bronze bell hanging on the bell tower, with a large watch on the top, and four clock-faces reach outward in four different directions.

Walking Street and Night Market – the charm of Nha Trang tour

If tourists want to buy local souvenirs and enjoy a few typical dishes of the people here, you can choose the area and Nha Trang walking street for your evening schedule.

Nha Trang Night Market (Nha Trang Walking Street Service Center) is the shopping point and the indispensable cultural beauty in the journey. Night market recreates the scenery of the countryside of Vietnam with horse carriage, banana plants, bamboo bridge crossing the canal … The night market has more than 100 booths selling apparel, handicrafts, souvenirs, stylish clothes, most of which are handicraft stalls originating from villages in South Central Vietnam. The night market is also the culinary convergence of Nha Trang in particular and Vietnam in general with extremely rich stalls and dishes.


2. Nha Trang night market

With Nha Trang group tour walking street and night market, it is an evening entertainment venue, attracting crowds as well as tourists.

Walking Street and Night Market are located on the side of Cultural Center, 46 Tran Phu Street. The market operates from 15h to 23h daily.

Water music show at Vinpearl Land


3. Water music show at Vinpearl Land

Located on Hon Tre Island, Vinpearl Land is where many tourists can spend a whole day to experience all the exciting activities and admire the virtual water music stage in the evening.

With a capacity of up to 5,000 seats, combined both intelligent design and excellent sound system, Vinpearl Land is considered the largest and most modern music stage in Vietnam. It will take tourists to the pleasure of a special art includes unique motion effects of sound, light, fire, and water.

Concert’s schedule at the water music stage:

– Series 1: 19:00 – 19:25 pm

– Series 2: 20:00 – 20:25 pm

Transportation: To get to Vinpearl Land, tourists have to take a cable car or a canoe from Nha Trang city. Cable price ranges from 550.000 – 450,000 VND / person. The ticket has already included the fee of services on the island.

Night squid fishing

Squid fishing is a very popular activity in the things to do in Nha Trang list, especially in the evening. Tourists can apply for the night squid fishing on the sea by boat, the price of a tour is about 500,000 VND / person, including a seafood BBQ meal on the raft, distance costs, bait, fishing rods, and life jackets.


4. Night squid fishing boat

On board, tourists will have the chance to admire another picture of Nha Trang city with glamor sparkling lights and hear only the sound of the sea waves in the dark night.

The most interesting thing is that tourists can sit together and enjoy the achievements right on the spot. The freshly steamed or grilled squid serviced with chili sauce are so delicious that you cannot resist.

Lunar Lounge

Lunar Lounge is an entertainment complex of the bar, restaurant, and coffee located on the 4th floor of Nha Trang Center. With a wide and attractive view, from this location, visitors will have the opportunity to see a grand Nha Trang under the shimmering light in the evening.

Tourists can enjoy the best steaks and Spanish cuisine here while admiring the sea view from the terrace. Live music, unique fire dance performances, and exciting weekly events are always attractive. The setting is divided into many areas; there is a swimming pool and a pool-party area as well. Guests can also experience shopping and watching Cinemax movies on the floor below of Nha Trang Center.

Tourists sites in Nha Trang island tour are very abundant. Regardless of day or night, this gorgeous city always has many things to offer.

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