Bãi Tranh Tourist Village – A pristine Nha Trang’s hidden gem


No more words are needed to convey the true beauty of Nha Trang beaches, Queen of Central Vietnam coast. Such phenomenal physical attractiveness has been so sensational that more and more tourists have been aspiring to drop by for the past couple of years. Hence it is time to look for a new name that obtains the same refinement yet not many people are aware of. Bãi Tranh is the best candidate in this scenario while your other Nha Trang tours get so mainstream.


The beauty of Bãi Tranh

Get to know this Nha Trang’s rare hidden gem

Born in the heart of Nha Trang Bay on the surface of Hòn Miễu Island, Bãi Tranh is a beach running over 500 meters. The seaside has got a stunning beauty with its one side a lengthy white sand while the other one is packed with gravel path fenced by a poetic greenery.


Nha Trang – Queen of the Central coast

What to do at Bãi Tranh Tourist Village?

As an off-beat destination in Nha Trang, Bãi Trang has been organized as a tourist village that brings an absolute relaxation-oriented recreation. Paragliding offers you a stunning panorama when amid the sky, a watercraft trip can unwind your stress when surfing with the waves to the infinity of the ocean, contemplating the enormous coral reef will leave all your burden home. Other than that, a well-trained staff is always available to support and ready to deliver a laid back refreshment for any visitor whose heart is already captured by the site.


Pure seaside

Entrance fee into Bãi Tranh Tourist Village costs each of you only 50,000 VND while children under one meter are free of charge. Afterward, let yourself go with the flow while lying back on the wooden benches and chairs places available on the seaside. In addition, you can choose to make an excursion around Trí Nguyên Aquarium situated just close by to explore the diversity of aqua animals found in Nha Trang Bay. For your information, Trí Nguyên Aquarium is always a top pick for many categories of Nha Trang beach tour.


Trí Nguyên Aquarium

Once you are done with all of the recreations, it is time to treat your stomach well. Head straight to the nearest bistros and get drown in the best authentic cuisine. You are supposed to spot out the little bamboo-made thatch scattered along the lengthy coastline. Bãi Tranh Tourist Village in Nha Trang is supper well-known with exotic gastronomy. Those can be taken into account are fish vermicelli soup, jelly noodle soup, Ninh Hoà fermented pork, floating-fern steamed rice cake and the list goes on. If you are sorting out a trip with your other significant, Nha Trang tour for couples to this isolated venue would be the best.


Ninh Hoà fermeted pork


Fish noodle soup

When is the best time to visit Bãi Tranh?

As a part of Nha Trang City, the island is slightly affected by the weather condition in the Bay generally. Our recommendation would be the time between January and August as it is the non-rainy season in the Bay. The rest of the year from September to December is known to be drowned in rainfalls. Hence, make your smart choice. You do not want to get stuck on the island and surrounded by storms all day long!


Nha Trang watercraft

How to arrive at the island?

First of all, what you need to do is to reach Nha Trang City first. Starting from big cities such as Hanoi or Saigon you may need to get on the plane and head straight to Cam Ranh Airport. After that, get a taxi or service car to arrive in Nha Trang city center. Hòn Miễu is an offshore island that sits not too far away from the coastline. Accordingly, you only need to spend 30 minutes roughly on the canoe or a boat to step on the island.

After reading this, your alternatives for this list of Nha Trang tours become more fullest. If you are getting a little hesitant after being told that Nha Trang was too touristy in some ways and that was not worth it, forget them all. Pick this Bãi Tranh tourist village and prove them all wrong.

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