Enjoy the unique jellyfish rice noodles in Nha Trang coastal city


Jellyfish rice noodles (bun sua) has long been one of the most popular dishes in the paradise of Nha Trang tours. Jellyfish rice noodles is a typical dish of coastal provinces and cities, not only is it preferred by the local people but also attracts many visitors who have come and tasted that specialty. Especially, jellyfish are highly recommended in many Nha Trang travel reviews because it is famous to be a delicious dish, which helps to cool down the high temperature during the hot weather. Thus, it is not surprising that jellyfish rice noodles have always been listed in must-try specialties whenever you visit Nha Trang beautiful city.



Jellyfish used to make jellyfish rice noodles are the small types, having a white opaque color, thick and looking like coconut meat. These type of jellyfish can only be caught by fishermen in some remote islands. Whereas the special broth of jellyfish rice noodles was cooked with the small fish of Leiognathidae, they are only as big as three human fingers but have the fishtail look like a small bow, with no fish bone, and a special sweet flavor.

In addition to that, people usually serve jellyfish rice noodles with fishcakes of the famous kinds of sea fish like mackerel, barracuda, mullet, etc. All of them are removed bones and ground, marinated then steamed. When eating, tourists are highly recommended to take rice noodles, a few green veggies, cleanly washed jellyfish and some fishcakes into a bowl, then pour the hot broth and you will have a hot and tasty bowl of fishcake rice noodles along with fresh and crispy pieces of jellyfish for your Nha Trang food tour.


Delicious fishcakes

Even though the jellyfish plays an extremely important role in a bowl of jellyfish rice noodles, but so does the broth, which can decide whether the dish is remembered forever in the mind of tourists or not. In particular, while taking a sip of broth, you can easily realize the lightly sweet taste of the fishcakes. With this dish, the diners will feel full flavors of the broth, the cool and crispy jellyfish, and the spicy chili, which cannot stop them from eating in one of their best tours in Vietnam.

An indispensable ingredient of a bowl of jellyfish rice noodles is definitely jellyfish. Currently, jellyfish are available and can be caught all year round, but they taste the best during the period between late spring and early summer. The edible jellyfish are milky white, slim like a thumb or a big toe but have a thick body. At the market, the price of a bowl of jellyfish rice noodles ranges from 20,000 to 30,000 VND, a reasonable price for a well-known specialty of Nha Trang like this.


The thick and crunchy piece of jellyfish

Any visitor to Nha Trang who wants to enjoy jellyfish rice noodles, fish rice noodles frequently come to Nam Beo Restaurant at the address of B2 Phan Boi Chau Building, Nha Trang. Jellyfish rice noodles here are sold along with fishcakes, fresh fish, and sweet broth. Moreover, in the restaurant, people also sell rice dumpling cakes (banh bot loc) and some other specialties of Nha Trang such as grilled pork paste (nem), mango cakes (banh xoai), marinated squids (muc tam), etc. Travelers can freely choose and buy them as small gifts for their beloved friends and families after the trip to Nha Trang.


Nha Trang grilled pork paste

Nguyen Loan Restaurant (no. 123 Ngo Gia Tu Street) is also a familiar address for many visitors to enjoy jellyfish rice noodles. In addition, other restaurants that are famous for this amazing dish are Cay Bang Restaurant (no. 6 Han Thuyen Street), the restaurants at the crossroads of Yersin and Ba Trieu Street, etc.

It is not an exaggeration to say that it is jellyfish rice noodles that make Nha Trang become one of the best tours in Vietnam. Only by enjoying a bowl of this specialty in Nha Trang, can travelers feel the essence of the sea, and also the skill of the people who make it.

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