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Enjoying the wonderful cuisine in Dam Market, Nha Trang


Nha Trang is famous for not only the beautiful beach, the friendly people, the wonderful tourist attractions but also the diverse cuisine. If you are planning to have a Nha Trang tour and would like to explore the cuisine here, Dam Market is an ideal destination for you.

Dam Market is known as the busiest market in Nha Trang with the rustic beauty and a number of food items. In the past, this location has a 7-hectare swamp, therefore; the name of “Dam Market” was born. Considered as the commercial symbol of this beautiful city, Dam Market is famous for many dishes, souvenirs, and specialties. The followings will introduce you to the greatest dishes in Dam Market that you can taste.

1.   Khanh Hoa Edible Bird’s Nest


Khanh Hoa Edible Bird’s Nest

This is the best specialty in Khanh Hoa that a lot of tourists want to try as well as buy as a present. Swallow nest is considered as a high-grade food, a precious commodity that nature has given people here. In the feudal period, swallow nests are a gift for only the King. Until now, it becomes more popular, but not everyone can taste. Because of the very high quality, the price is truly high, from 2.8 to 15 million VND per 100 grams.

2.   Mango Cake


Mango Cake

A Nha Trang food tour in Dam Market, tourists cannot miss mango cake, a unique dish here. People choose the ripe mango to grind into a thick paste. Then, put on the stove, add sugar, fresh ginger, and stir well within 3 hours. Finally, make the cake by doubling the amount of mango to a piece of rice paper, and then dry naturally by the sunlight. The price is about 70,000- 120,000 VND a kilogram.

3.  Nem Ninh Hoa (Spring rolls)


Nem Ninh Hoa

Although it is only the spring rolls from pork, it becomes the specialty of Dam Market in general as well as Ninh Hoa in specific. This is one of the dishes that a number of visitors want to enjoy when exploring Nha Trang cuisine. The price is 3,500 VND per small rolls.

4.  Salted Squid and Crab


Salted Squid

A little bit spicy but tough will become a great peck for the booze. This is the feeling that salted squid and crab bring for you. Salted squid and crabs are too familiar to you, right? Certainly, in the land of the sea, tourists can buy it anywhere without going into the supermarket or stores where the products have been used preservatives. The salted squid is about 500,000-700,000 VND per kilogram depending on the size of the squid. The salted crab is from 40,000 to 55,000 VND a 300-gram pot.

5.  Nha Trang Grilled Chopped Fish


Nha Trang Grilled Chopped Fish

A Nha Trang private tour to Dam Market, visitors cannot miss this kind of wonderful dish. With the careful process and the esoteric spices, they create a food item that is delicious, soft, and slightly tough that you cannot find in other places. The price is about 150,000- 200,000 VND a kilogram.

6.  Nha Trang Fish Bubbles


Nha Trang Fish Bubbles

Just mentioning to the fish bubble makes you want to eat this special product of the sea. The fish bubbles are dried and packed into a small bag of 200 grams in order to be easy for you to use and mix with other foods. Remember to buy the fish bubbles to use by yourself and as a present for the family as well as friends. The price is about 100,000 VND per package.

7.  Lemon Pepper Salt


Lemon Pepper Salt

Although this is only a small spice among a number of attractive specialties in Dam Market, it brings the wonderful power to make the difference and unique flavor for your dishes. The price is only 20,000- 30,000 VND per pot. Don’t forget to bring it to come home when exploring Nha Trang cuisine in Dam Market.

Exploring the special foods in the Dam Market will bring you the amazing feeling with a lot of wonderful experiences. If you are going to have a Nha Trang tour, don’t miss this great destination.

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