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Everything you need to know when traveling to Nha Trang


Nha Trang is a coastal city in the central of Khanh Hoa Province. This is considered one of the most long-standing sea tourism cities in Vietnam. With hot climate all year round, it is convenient for many types of sea tourism.

In recent years, many domestic and foreign tourists choose Nha Trang as their holiday destination. In this article, nhatrangbeachreviews will introduce some useful traveling tips to Nha Trang to help you make the best of your time.

What is the best time to travel to Nha Trang?

Summer might be the best time to visit Nha Trang, especially from July to August. However, it’s also the peak season with many domestic tourists coming here. So remember to book everything in advance if you don’t want to ruin your trip. Even though Nha Trang with a fairly temperate climate is suitable for traveling at any time of the year, you should avoid October and November due to the heavy rain.

How to travel to Nha Trang

There are many means of transportation to Nha Trang such as buses, airplanes or trains. It depends on your budget and your schedule. If you depart from Saigon, the local bus is the best option due to the close distance. If you take an airplane, you will be dropped off at Cam Ranh Airport. From here, take a cab or a bus to go the city center.

To travel around, taxi is obviously the first choice. However, if you want to explore the city by yourself, you can hire a bike or a motorbike. Taking a bus is also another choice when you are quite familiar with the city.

Nha Trang has many beautiful islands and it’s a pity if you don’t take a chance to visit one of those. You can go there by local boat or use the cable car service which offers a stunning view of the whole city.

Cable Car in Nha Trang

The panorama of Nha Trang from a cable car (Source: Internet)

Where to go in Nha Trang

Beaches are obviously the ultimate choice. The most popular one is the main beach, which is in the center of the city. The water here is blissfully calm and it’s suitable for a family trip. However, it’s usually packed during peak season and the water is not clean as other beaches. You can try other beautiful deserted beaches like Doc Let, Dai Lanh or Long Beach. (See more at Top beaches in Nha Trang). Though you will have to travel further, it’s totally worth the effort.

There are many things to do in a Nha Trang city tour. Most travelers take a trip out to the islands for snorkeling, diving or swimming. Even though beaches are the most outstanding feature, many tourist attractions in Nha Trang such as Vinpeal Land, the Po Nagar Tower, Long Son Pagoda or National Oceanographic Museum of Vietnam shouldn’t be missed out too.

the Ponagar tower

The Po Nagar Tower (Source: Internet)

What to eat in Nha Trang

Seafood is no doubt something you must try in a coastal city. Noodle with seafood is a specialty in Nha Trang. You can try grilled chopped fish noodle or jellyfish noodle. For many tourists, the most favorite dish must be local grilled sausage. It’s usually served with raw vegetable and crispy rice paper, bringing a tasty flavor. However, if you want a more local experience, try Banh Can – a regional specialty in Nha Trang. The ingredients are simple: rice flour, pork grease, green onion, and eggs. This dish is now modified in a modern way by adding shrimp or squid. Either way, it’s still worth trying.

Banh Can Nha Trang

Banh Can – A must-try dish in Nha Trang (Source: Internet)

There are so many things in Nha Trang that could easily take your breath away. Nha Trang, as you can see, is so much more than a beautiful beach. Now it’s time for you to get on your perfect summer vacation and have the best time of your life with this stunning gorgeous city.


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