Explore the enchanting beauty of Yen Island in Nha Trang


Nha Trang – the beautiful coastal city in Central Vietnam has a lot of attractions, especially picturesque islands. Exploring this city in a Nha Trang island tour, you shouldn’t miss Yen Island – one of the best islands in Vietnam to explore the enchanting beauty of this land.

1. Ways to get

Yen Island is located in Nha Trang Bay, Khanh Hoa province, about 25km to the Northeast of the land. It’s under the management of the tourist board in Khanh Hoa Fried swallow-nest Company. So, you have to buy the ticket to visit this island. You need to go to Stone Bridge port to buy a boat ticket costing about $16 per one, including transportation like bus and the high-speed boat to the island, breakfast, pastry, swallow-nest drink, snack fruits in the afternoon, and the service of sightseeing on the glass-floored boat. You can visit this island within a day.


[Yen Island in Nha Trang]

2. Best time to visit

The most ideal time to visit Yen Island in your Nha Trang tour is from April to late August as it’s only opened for visitors during this term. The weather is also dry, which is very ideal for sightseeing and exploring tours on this island. The rest of the year is the rainy and stormy season in this land. So, you should avoid visiting it in this period of time.


[Swallows in Yen Island]

3. Attractions

Yen Island is the home of small swallows which are very rare. Visiting this island, you can see blocks of swallows flying in the sky and then, landing on offshore stones or small houses in the mountain cliffs. You can also see a lot of swallow nests on the cliffs. Yen Island is formed from many beautiful and deserted islands rising on the immense sea, creating a wonderful natural scenery.


[Rock Cliff]

You will have a chance to go on specific wooden or bamboo bridges around the island to move from a stone cliff to another one when exploring this site. These bridges are very reliable. When exploring rock caves, you should make light movements, and turn off flashlight when taking the photo to avoid frightening swallows.


[View from Du Ha Mountain top]

4. Destinations

Couple beach

This landscape is quite famous among the young in a Nha Trang island tour. Couple beach is a special attraction of Hon Noi with smooth sand, cool and crystal-clear seawater. Especially, the water in Couple beach is very uncommon with one side warm and the other side cool. From the air, you can see it’s because there is a white sandbank dividing the sea current into two parts. Visiting there, you can soak in clean water and enjoy your healing trip. However, be careful because there is a lot of macadam, which can hurt your feet.


[Couple Beach]

Du-Ha Mountain

Du-Ha Mountain is only 90m high above the sea level, so, you can climb up 220 steps to reach the top of Du-Ha Mountain to see all the scenery of Hon Noi. From the top of this mountain, you will see Couple beach divided into two parts by a curly sandbank – created from sand and the remains of dead coral. The sea surrounding the mountain is very gentle, and the seawater is so clear that you can see colorful corals and fishes on the hollow seabed near the bank.


[Path to Du Ha Mountain top]

Swallow Cave

Swallow Cave in Hon Noi is a must-see destination in your trip to Yen Island to learn about the career of raising swallows. Swallow nests are harvested twice a year, in March and August. Moreover, Hon Noi also offers visitors with a diving service for coral seeing. You can dive into the sea to see a beautiful marine world with pretty fishes swimming around colorful coral.


[Swallow Cave]

From there, it takes you only a few minutes going by boat to reach Hon Sam and Hon Ngoai – which has the largest natural swallow caves in Vietnam. As Hon Ngoai has conical terrain, quite hard to reach and explore, you’ll be arranged to see it from a near distance.

There are many other attractions of Yen Island. This beautiful landscape is an ideal destination for your Nha Trang island tour where you can enjoy your time in stunning nature, explore mysterious caves and see lovely swallows. Visiting this land, you will have many interesting things to do in Nha Trang.

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