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Five tips to get a perfect Nha Trang Vietnam private tour


When it comes to best beaches in the world, Nha Trang is a name that cannot be missed. Nha Trang is a favorite getaway for both domestic and international tourists. Many travelers, as well as reputable travel sites, have recommended this beautiful coastal city as a must-see destination.

The most fantastic way to enjoy this place is to go on Nha Trang Vietnam private tours. The key for maximum enjoyment is in “private tours”.

So, let’s be clear what makes it different?

  • The tour is organized exclusively for you or your family and friends.
  • The itinerary can be customized to a certain extent (itinerary still need to be designed according to practical conditions and governments requirements) to meet your specific needs and preferences.
  • Departure date is up to you
  • Changes are more flexible at short notice.

Nha Trang Vietnam private tour

Nha Trang Vietnam Private Tours (Source: Internet)

It already gives you many benefits over sharing group tours. However, to have a flawless and memorable trip, you’d better grab some tips from

Tip #1: Find a local travel agent to arrange your Nha Trang Vietnam private tours

The very first tip is to find a good local travel agent or a Vietnam tour operator who is a destination expert. The company is based here with the employee coming from the region. They can provide you instant assist during the trip. If something goes wrong, they can send a man right to where you are and fix the problem. Booking through an international agent may not give such just in time help.

Instead of spending hours searching the internet for the deals, tips and travel plans, the agent will do it for you. They know what fit you the best and even tricks that you cannot find online. For those who arrive in Hanoi before going to Nha Trang, a travel agent with an office in Hanoi is recommended. They will escort you from the moment you get off the plane.

The following list is some of the tour operators based in Nha Trang according to the official website of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism.

ABTOURS Travel Nha Trang Co, Ltd.

Address: 7th Floor, 50 Le Thanh Ton St., Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa

Tel: (84-258) 6282 324 Fax: (84-258) 3526 386

Nha Trang Blue Sea Tourist Co.

Address: 166 Me Linh St., Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa

Tel: (84-258) 0982 5574 17

Nha Trang Holiday Tourism Co., Ltd

Address: 18/28 Tran Quang Khai St., Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa

Tel: (84-258) 3521 000/3524 060 Fax: (84-258) 3524 124

Nha Trang Tourist

Address: 100/17 Hung Vuong St. , Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa

Tel: (84-258) 3524 508 Fax: (84-258) 3524 509

Nha trang Trading, Service And Tourist Co., Ltd.

Address: 29 Biet Thu St., Nha Trang City,
Khanh Hoa

Tel: (84-258) 3524 471/3522 632

Nha Trang Vacation Travel Co., Ltd.

Address: 154 Hung Vung St., Nha Trang City,
Khanh Hoa

Tip #2: Limit the size of your group

A private tour doesn’t mean a trip for a single person, but you’d better not go with a big group. In spite of customised tour, you cannot really get what you want where there are so many different opinions. The optimum size of your group should not exceed five people. A Nha Trang Vietnam private tour is perfect for a romantic vacation for you and your sweetheart or a family holiday.

Limit the group size

Limit your group size (Source: Internet)

Tip #3: Ask for a private tour guide

A private tour guide is a great way to enhance the experience. He/she will escort you throughout the journey, cater to your needs, and be your friend. It is fun and way more interesting listening to their stories and explanation at each attraction. You will never know local myths or traditional customs here in the world best beaches of Nha Trang.

Private tour guide

Ask for a private tour guide (Source: Internet)

Tip #4: Research for activities that fit you the best (customized itinerary)

People may wonder “I got an agent to do all the research, why I have to the job myself”.

You still need to know what you need so that travel experts can suggest a proper itinerary. This makes sure you and all members of your group will have a good time.

It becomes more important when you have some special requirements or physical challenges. Simply go online and type “things to do in Nha Trang”, many reviews show up then pick your choice. Remember to show your pick to travel consultant if you book via a tour operator. 

research for activities

Research for activities (Source: Internet)

Tip #5: Take advantage of your free time

There is always free time in your itinerary either it is self-arranged or proposed by a travel agent. Don’t waste it! Usually, you got free time at night so just wander around with no plan, stop wherever interest you. When the sun goes down, the city offers a fascinating nightlife you want to check out. Some of the best things to do by night in Nha Trang are taking a night walk by the sea; going to a night market; squid fishing; dancing and chilling at clubs and bar.

Take advantage of free time

Take advantage of your free time at night (Source: Internet)




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