Four famous snacks Nha Trang locals fancy


Owning one of the most talked-about beaches on the planet Earth, Nha Trang City, a shining star of Khánh Hoà coastal province, has become a tropical paradise for Asian and European Northerners when winter arrives. Our article today is not going to show you why a subscription of Nha Trang tour is worthwhile, yet it is delving into the four fanciest snacks Vietnamese all love.


Nha Trang – A real tropical paradise

Bánh Căn – Mini Pancakes

For those who fortunately had a chance to taste Bánh Căn in one of your Vietnam culinary tours before, the origin of this phenomenal cake comes from this coastal city itself. Its round shape makes Bánh Căn look exactly like another creation of the Việt, Bánh Khọt. However, these two dishes vary a lot in terms of cooking method. Bánh Khọt is made by frying with oil, meanwhile, Bánh Căn is served after being grilled. Using ready-made little moulds, local chefs start to put saturated rice flour in and keep swiping for several times until their two faces become brown. Stuffings cannot go without green onion oil, beef, quail eggs, shrimps and sometimes ground pork. Bánh Căn is served along with fresh veggies which include Thai basil, mustard leaf, fish mint, sliced green mango, purple, and lettuce.


Mini pancakes

Hến Xúc Bánh Tráng – Stir-fried baby clams with crunchy rice crackers

At first, baby clams are stir-fried with green onion oil and several slices of fresh chili. Simply as it seems, the dish requires a painstaking process in order not to miss its initial sweetness and greasy as of too much oil soaking in.

Serving along with the main element, baby clams, are two to three portions of rice crackers, which are completely different to regular Vietnamese rice paper that is supposed to be softer and plan in taste. The crunchy rice crackers, in this case, are aromatic due to scattered sesame. Meanwhile, baby clams own a slender and chewy taste, which then creates a harmonious balance when consumed. Just like other Vietnamese food, Hến Xúc Bánh Tráng is the best only when served hot.


Baby clams with crunchy rice crackers

Nem Nướng – Grilled chopped pork

Talking about Nem Nướng, once again, Nha Trang is the cradle of this sensational cuisine, with a common brand known as Ninh Hoà. Basically, it is made out of ground pork which is then shaped into long round cubes and grilled atop burning charcoal. Nem Nướng is used along with various types of fresh herbs, which help to balance the greasy thick taste of grilled pork. A proper way to consume Nem Nướng is grabbing a piece of rice paper, picking a cube of grilled pork and scattering with sliced green mango, cucumbers, and vegetables. Finally, cleverly wrap it around and make a short tube. Do not forget to dip it in the nectar of God, fish sauce!


Ninh Hoà grilled chopped pork

Trứng Nướng – Grilled Eggs

Quickly request this in your next Nha Trang food tour when visiting here. Having grilled eggs when the Sun is out in the coolness of the flowing wind is the best thing you can try at night. In spite of the fact that grilled egg is a newly created snacks, it obtains a sophisticated savory no matter how simple it looks. Apparently, Trứng Nướng is definitely not a chicken egg put on the top of a charcoal. What you are offered is quail eggs cracked into a tiny bowl with some toppings such as green onion oil, sliced sausages, dried sweet shrimps and sometimes cheese. If you are still wondering why Vietnamese tend to fancy it that much despite how simple it is, taste it yourself!


Grilled quail eggs

Nha Trang tours take you to a whole new paradise with the deep blue ocean sleeping next to the calming white sands. Visiting this city, now you do not have to imagine an unreal tropical paradise sketched in childhood cartoons. With full of different activities onshore and offshore, along with a diversified range of Nha Trang cuisine, the city may capture your heart right at the first sight. If you want to explore it fully, claim your best local guide right now!

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