Have you ever tried Chicken Rice in Hoian?


Recently, Vietnam is becoming one of the most popular destinations in Asia. When travelers have chances to Vietnam, they will think about Danang immediately. It is undeniable that the city owns a lot of beautiful landscapes satisfying all of the tourists. When traveling in Danang, people also spend time visiting Hoi An ancient town because it is a well-known spot but not far from the center of Danang City. Hoi An is estimated as one of the best ancient cities that keep old beauty until now. Moreover, when they take a visit to the land, they are also interested in the Vietnamese cuisine in here. Especially, Vietnam culinary tours in Hoi An will bring to guests unforgettable experiences. In the articles, I want to introduce to you one of the top dishes in Hoi An, chicken rice. Furthermore, some restaurants which are famous for the dish are also recommended for you here.

The dish can be met in many places like Danang or Quang Nam. However, in Hoi An, the dish is evaluated to be the best one. If Northern Vietnamese people tend to eat the whole piece of boiled chicken like thighs or chest, Hoi An locals often cut the boiled chicken into small pieces. Chicken rice in here includes steamed rice, boiled chicken and some kinds of vegetables that make sure the completed dish always fresh and delicious. The chef has to choose the best chickens for the dish. Chicken is washed carefully before it is cooked. When the chefs cook chicken, they often add one teaspoon of turmeric to the broth. After a suitable time, the chicken is taken out and place on a rack to cool. The white rice and sticky rice are mixed and cooked in boiling chicken broth. After being boiled, the rice has to be yellow in color. With the dish, the chicken is torn into small slides by hands instead of cutting. Especially, it is added with onions, pepper, Vietnamese mint that make the unique taste of chicken rice in Hoi An.

When eating, you can feel the fresh and delicious taste of chicken that the chef chose and cooked carefully and skillfully. You also realize the soft and sticky rice. Especially, in some restaurants, you may be served salads that make the dish not be greasy. That’s a reason why some tourists can eat the dish day by day when they have a holiday in the ancient city. Moreover, there are some materials that you can just find in Vietnam, specifically in Hoi An. The cooking Vietnam cuisine is also used flexibly by the talented chefs in here. It is sure that you can eat many chicken rice in many places but this dish in Hoi An will be the best and you will never forget its great flavor.


The dish attracts eaters at the first sight

Here are some recommended restaurants which make the dish a traditional one for many generations.

Mrs. Muoi Restaurant

Address: 22 Phan Chu Trinh, Hoi An City, Quang Nam, Vietnam.

It is one of the most famous destinations for those who want to try eating the dish. When someone thinks about the chicken rice, they will think about Mrs. Muoi restaurant immediately. The restaurant has appeared in Hoi An Ancient town since the 50s of the 20th century. Although it is just a small house, it always attracts a lot of guests every day. So, if you want to try the dish, you should go there from 10:30 a.m.


Mrs. Buoi restaurant

Mrs. Nga Restaurant

Address: 8 Phan Chu Trinh, Hoi An City, Quang Nam, Vietnam.

It is also the famous destination for the dish. Similarly, the restaurant is located on the same street as Mrs. Muoi Restaurant and crowded at lunch. Therefore, you can choose one of the two places. It is worth for you to taste the dish in the two restaurants.


A portion of the restaurant with reasonable price

When you have a chance to travel to any place, you should try local cuisine. In particular, every small land in Vietnam, local food is something that always attracts tourists and makes them never forget their dishes. Therefore, domestic as well as foreign tourists are often interested in Vietnam culinary tours. If you have chances to visit Hoi An, don’t forget to eat the chicken rice. It may be the most memorable moment in your Vietnam food tours.

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