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Nha Trang adventure at night


When Nha Trang is on the lights at night, this coastal city is like a splendid new dress with exciting activities. Let’s Nha Trang island tour help you to explore this city at night.

Watch a water music performance at Vinpearl Land

The combination of water and music in a performance is one of the best things to do in Nha Trang. One of the most famous entertaining services at Vinpearl Land is the Vinpearl music stage, which has over 5,000 seats, is considered the largest and most modern music stage in Vietnam. This is a special type of art, with a combination of magic and unique motion effects of sound, light, fire, and water. The Vinpearl musical stage brings to visitors the pleasure of discovering the excellence of daily technology. With the colorful and shimmering art performances, it will satisfy even the most demanding guests. Watching and enjoying the unique mixture of water, fire, and light will bring you a great feeling.


A water music performance at Vinpearl Land

How to get there? To get to Vinpearl Land you have to take a cable car or a canoe from Nha Trang City. Cable ticket is VND 550.000/ adult; VND 450,000 / child (1.0m – 1.4m). The ticket includes all kind of game services on “Vietnam’s Pearl”.

Walking Street and Night Market

The market in a tourist destination is always the ideal place for a Nha Trang group tour. Nha Trang Night Market (Nha Trang Walking Street Service Center) is a shopping center. This is a place for tourists to discover the indigenous cultural beauty indispensable in the journey to Nha Trang. The night market was built based on the countryside of Vietnam, with horse carts, banana trees, bamboo bridges across the canal, etc. There are more than 100 booths selling souvenirs, fashion and sea products, most of which are handicraft stalls originating from villages in South Central Vietnam. The night market is also the culinary convergence of Nha Trang in particular and Vietnam in general hundred of dishes.


Night market and walking street

Location: Walking Street and Night Market are located on the side of Cultural Center, 46 Tran Phu Street. The market operates from 3 p.m to 11 p.m everyday.

Sailing Club

It is the really exciting experience the vibrant nightlife for a Nha Trang tour. Sailing Club is known as one of the complex resorts including hotels, bars, nightclubs. The unique feature of the Sailing Club is the ability to adapt during the day. From the sunrise, till the night falls, you can have fun moments there. As the sun disappears behind the beautiful hill, the Sailing Club turns into a romantic and chic setting with great foods. And when you think it’s time to return to the hotel, Nha Trang Sailing Club once again attracts you to stay with the lively atmosphere of the bar and dance floor. Salling Club opens until dawn, the later it is, the more crowded.


This club is always lively

Squid fishing at night

When night falls, it is also a perfect time for you to start a special city adventure. It is still the beach, but when space turns dark, it becomes more endless, strange and interesting. Tourists can follow the boat offshore, from the train will see another picture of Nha Trang City with sparkling lights, a fanciful aspect. After a while, the ship will anchor in the area where there are lots of squids. Stimulated by the light, squids and fishes gather around the boat and we can catch them easily. The most memorable thing about squid fishing is that after fishing, you can sit together and enjoy your achievements right on the boat. The fresh squid grilled or cooked by hot steam is so delicious that tourists cannot resist. This is the reason why tourists of a Nha Trang island tour are always suggested to try squid fishing.


Spend a night with fisher

Altitude Rooftop Bar – The highest bar in Nha Trang

Altitude Rooftop is a harmonious combination of indoor low chair, high chairs and sofas outdoor so you can soak in the airy space. The strong point of Altitude Rooftop is the view angle 270 degrees unlimited, you can enjoy the panoramic view of Nha Trang city. Sunset time at Altitude is the perfect time if you want to immerse in the moment of the day and night and the glamor of the city when the lights are on. The vibrant sound of the DJ at night will definitely contribute to the endless fun and this will be a memorable experience for you and your loved ones. Altitude Rooftop is open daily from 4 p.m to 11 p.m.


Altitude Rooftop Bar

Here is the list of things you should do if you have chances to enjoy Nha Trang at night. Don’t forget these interesting activities if you visit the beautiful city.

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