What are the most famous Nha Trang Festivals?

Nha Trang beach festival


Opening ceremony of Nha Trang Festival (Source: Internet)

There are many exciting activities of the Sea Festival such as dance music, yacht exhibitions, yacht marches, carnival parades and exhibitions, wine festivals and national cuisine and typical cuisine of the coastal region.

The festival of Praying Fish – Khanh Hoa

This occasion has long been a traditional festival of people here. Like other coastal provinces in Khanh Hoa, the respect of fishermen for the sea is an integral part. That is why it is so important to celebrate the festival. The appropriate time for you to participate in this festival is around February, three lunar calendar. Another tip for you is to rent a hotel in the city center to walk to Ong Temple – you will discover much more fun when walking there.


The festival of Praying Fish in Nha Trang (Source: Internet)

Thap Ba Poganar

Thap Ba has been named for one of the oldest temples in Vietnam, built in the Hindu period, located in the country called Hoan Kiem. The tower consists of four towers that have been destroyed by war and been repaired many times but still retains its traditional value. The local people held the festival from 20 to 23 March (lunar year) with some special activities such as dressing ceremony, worshiping Mother Country, bathing ceremony, etc.


Ponagar Tower Festival attracts a large number of tourists(Source: Internet)

Bird’s Nest Festival

Although the festival is held every year, it has never disappointed any tourist. With nine different programs in four days of festivals, this is a place not only to honor the traditions, promote the value and quality of products of Salanganes’Nest but also to introduce the potential island with friends in five continents.

The Am festival

The Am festival is celebrated on April 24th (lunar calendar) every year to commemorate the goddess of Heavenly Love, worshiped by the people of the goddess kingdom. According to the legend, this is the goddess of birth, living in childhood with the old couple. The festival consists of two main parts. After the worship ceremony in the traditional ritual, worship is the dance of cotton, her grandmother, the dance associated with the legend and the Tian Ya Na.

Mother Y-Na who has enlightened and taught the people how to live. This belief also originates from the worship of Ponagar Cham people. To be exact, the Vietnamese people who settled in this land have Vietnamese culture to worship the motherland of the Cham and canonized at Thap Ba – Nha Trang. As of now, Khanh Hoa has proclaimed a famous saying: “Amen Lord, the holy tower” as an affirmation of the connection between the relics Am Lord and Ponagar Tower.

Temple-of-God -holy-worship-YA -Na-helloVietnam

Temple of God – holy worship YA Na (Source: Internet)

So, you just finished reading the top five festivals in Nha Trang tours most prominent each year. If you are wondering if there is anything else fun to go to Nha Trang, the answer is yes, explore all the festivals above and share that moment with us.


Fireworks scene in Festival Nha Trang 2017(Source: Internet)

Each Nha Trang Festivals of the Sea has the main theme, such as “Nha Trang – Sea of Appeal” of 2011, “Peace and Creativity” of 2015 and 2017 will be”. Each period is based on the principle of continuing to innovate and improve the quality of content as well as form compared to the previous Festival, the activities should promote more active participation of the community and visitors. Beside traditional festivals such as Khanh Hoa Salanganes’Nest Festival, Fishermen’s Day Festival, Nha Trang Festival – Khanh Hoa 2017, aquatic resource rehabilitation, marine rescue contest.


Impressive repertoire at the Festival Nha Trang(Source: Internet)

The new festival is a traditional cuisine contest organized by the People’s Committee of Nha Trang City, in which people and visitors are served free food. About physical training – sports activities: sea-based gymnastics, Khanh Hoa beach volleyball tournament, Khanh Hoa beach football tournament, swimming pool tournament; sea games such as running fish, running stunts, jump rope, playing in the South Central Coast and Central Highlands.

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Delicious dishes are presented(Source: Internet)

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Fresh seafood and processing elaborately(Source: Internet)

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Professional spa services(Source: Internet)

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