Nha Trang Vietnam Private Tour


Nha Trang has some of the most breathtaking beaches in Vietnam and also Asia, a vibrant coastal city has many interesting things to discover. Long beaches hug the blue bay, the coast was grown coconuts-tropical specificity, adding white soft sands, and blue clear water is extremely engaging.

Nha Trang Vietnam tour private tours are quite popular and appropriate for you who are found of private and flexibility. Additionally, the tourism's service of Nha Trang – the capital of Khanh Hoa is quite developed, there are diverse and abundant beach hotels and resorts, where sunbathing all day and partying go hand in hand and other travel tourism related.

Since Nha Trang is a pretty and engaging beach, with diverse appealing activities and places to discover thus private tours is extremely ideal. Flexible schedule, proper hotel, and vehicle as well as adequate consultancies based on your choice. Nha Trang has various landscapes ranges from hot and attractive beaches to virgin forest, from famous scenes to unexploited landscapes, completely supplied your diverse demands.

Since Nha Trang has 19 different islands and each one has also particular beauties but you should pick tour to explore islands including Tri Nguyen, Hon Mun, Hon Tam Island in which you see colorful corals in Hon Mun Island. The first day, after immersing into cool, blue sea water along Tran Phu Street, you may visit Thap Ba Ponagar (a Champa town), the bricks, rustic colors and original embossments where is one of the places that you are not missed when coming to Nha Trang. Especially interesting thing in there is that almost 100 grey ao dai are located next to the tower, in a wardrobe and hooked on frames for guests to borrow and then wear before going into Thap Ba Ponagar and absolutely free. As travelers visit there often wear short or comfortable clothes to a spiritual destination. Each ao dai was designed different sizes to fit with every age also heights. Or Nha Trang Cathedral is the largest church in the city located on a hill, the church was constructed in Gothic style in XIX centuries, it was made from laterite, colorful grass windows combination.

Thap Ba Ponagar

Thap Ba Ponagar (Source: Internet)

Thap Ba hot mineral springs is a great place to relax after a day of the Nha Trang exploring, having many forms to your choices such as mud bath, herbal bath, waterfall, pool, and sauna. Locals believe that hot mineral mud help soothes the body, remove dead skins and provides minerals to the body strengthening your health. The next two days, you go to discover islands, Hon Mun – the small and the most romantic in the island system, this island has a total area of 160 km2. Hon Mun was endowed for a diverse marine ecosystem along the magnificent coral reefs, according to statistic, it has 1500 kind of corals and marine species.

In Hon Mun, while scuba diving, you will explore the vivid coral reefs, various marine spices like colorful fishes, shrimps, squids, are moving surround you in the clear, blue water. You do not worry about do not how to swim, there are also experts and advanced equipment support you. Other islands are incredibly beautiful and you should not miss, additionally, you could relish fresh seafood from fishers in islands.

Exploring Dam Mon Semi-island

If you are extremely familiar with modern and luxurious resorts and hotel, desiring to explore a peaceful, unexploited and also spectacular place. Dam Mon Semi-island is an excellent destination. It is located in Van Phong Bay and about 80 km from central Nha Trang, along with the 1A Highway to the North, its natural area is 120 km2. It is one of the highest assessment according to the Word Tourism Organization surveys, there have been all natural conditions to develop eco-tourism, including the climate, coastline, sea, forest, landscape, environment, seaport and seafood supply. And all almost intact.

The road to Dam Mon

The road to Dam Mon (Source: Internet)

Going on a new road connects Co Ma pass to Dam Mon, through semi-island, you could see the local houses sank in the sand-the spacious and white sand dunes makes you feel this road is crossing a vast desert. In this path, you will feel overwhelmed and surprising of the spectacular scenes of both sides, crossing these beautiful sand dunes, you could drive along a coastal road, stretching from Dam Mon to Dai Lanh. The final destination is a small fishing village is placed the Bay, privacy, and always lush green coconuts. Dam Mon has 3 villages: Dam Mon Ha, Dam Mon Thuong, and Xuan Dung.

At the small fishing village located in a crescent Gulf, rustic locals do not wear sandals and could sit or lie anywhere. Approaching to Xuan Dung by small boat, you will swim in the clear and blue sea water and explore the natural amazement, just roughly digging a height of a hand nearby seashore, you could find fresh water. After visiting the village, you could explore the high mountains surrounding, there are almost 20 diverse islands, in which is primeval forests. From a peak of a hill, you will see the whole magnificent Van Phong Bay.

Xuan Dung beach

Xuan Dung beach (Source: Internet)

After mountain terrain’s discovery, you could explore the abundant undersea system in Van Phong, where has typical coral ecosystems in Vietnam and offer the diving service to see colorful coral ranges, sailing to the Van Phong Bay. In the evening, you could join cuttle-fish fishing or campfire activities on the coast, this is great opportunity to enjoy fresh seafood or lobsters and immerse in the mystery of sea at night.

Additionally, Nha Trang food is incredible with original street food and fresh seafood, there are several dishes that you should not miss when going to Nha Trang such as jelly-fish noodle, fresh seafood in Dam market, Cha Ca Nha Trang, banh Can, nem nuong.

Nha Trang, an amazing destination, one of the most attractive tours in Vietnam tours, numerous engaging landscapes and pretty islands to explore thus private tour-flexible schedule is an ideal method to completely enjoy with your loved ones. Follow to get more information about Nha Trang.

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