Top 5 most romantic destinations for couples in Nha Trang


Have you ever heard of Nha Trang tours for couples? The following destinations will show you where to have the best vacation with your partner.

1. Yangbay waterfall

Imposing yangbay

Imposing yangbay

Not only can sea and islands make a wonderful tour for couples in Nha Trang but forests and imposing waterfalls also can. In fact, visiting them will give couples who love going into the wilderness the most romantic date. If you and your mate are one of those, Yangbay waterfall is such an ideal place.

It is located in Khanh Vinh Town, which is about 50 kilometers far from the center of Nha Trang City. The waterfall is at the height of 100 meters above sea level. Situated in the middle of a primitive forest and surrounded by rocks, green trees, and wildflowers, Yangbay waterfall looks completely magnificent under the sunlight.

Therefore, you two will have the most relaxing moments while being in harmony with nature. And there is nothing difficult to have romantic moments once you have got here.

2. Ninh Van Bay

Ninh Van Bay

Ninh Van Bay

One of the most attractive places for dating in Nha Trang is Ninh Van Bay. Located in Ninh Hoa Town on Hon Meo Peninsula, the bay is not too far from Nha Trang City. It is considered a perfect destination for newlyweds’ honeymoon. The place has neglected and romantic beauty of nature, crystal clear sea water, long pearl-like seashore, and rows of coconuts rustling in the wind.

Also, there are numerous engaging aquatic leisure activities on this bay, such as sea bathing, fishing, and scuba-diving. On mountain slopes, the green color of trees and brown tone of trunks are superbly prominent on the white sand. Each of those details combining creates the most grandiose scene ever.

You and your partner will definitely have a great time together here. If you intend to stay on the bay for a few days, booking a room beforehand is recommended. Hotels will have a high-speed boat pick you up in Nha Trang City. 

3. Hon Tam Island

Hon Tam

Hon Tam

It will be so regretful if Hon Tam Island is not mentioned in the list of top destinations must-go in Nha Trang for couples. It is a fantastic journey's end where the blue sky, green trees, and fresh sea water take place. You and your mate will have a perfect place to enjoy every moment with each other. The island is about 7 kilometers away from Nha Trang City, which takes you only about 30 minutes to go.

To put your mind off work, both of you can walk on the soft sand along the seashore or spend time watching the romantic sunset on the beach. Or if you would like to do something simple, lying on the sand and getting pleasure from the ocean-atmosphere are some excellent ideas.

Another suggestion for both of you is to scuba-dive into the sea and see coral reefs. In case you want to have more thrilling experiences, skydiving, surfing on a watercraft, and riding a bike on a mountain will be several exciting plans.

4. Vinpearl Land

Vinpearl land cable car

Vinpearl land cable car

Vinpearl Land is particularly for couples who love adrenaline-rush games. Being a 5-star amusement park and resort complex, Vinpearl Land is also considered “a tropical heaven.” It provides numerous services and leisure games for tourists to have fun. All couples can spend the whole day with each other here.

If you love scary rides, roller coasters and merry-go cables are some strongly impressive activities. Also, enjoying an entire day in the water park with all types of slides, such as Kamikaze, Black Hole, or Boomerang will give you the most relaxing time ever. And for girls who love sea animals, there are aquariums, water music shows, and dolphin performances as well.

Besides, the time traveling by the Vietnam longest oversea cable-car ride and contemplating the poetic landscapes with the one you love will be unforgettable.

5. Nha Trang Stone Church

Stone church Nha Trang

Stone church Nha Trang

Nha Trang Stone Church is located on Nguyen Trai Street, which is in the city center. The large Ave Maria Square situated right in front of it makes the church look even more spectacular. This place is favored by countless couples who are about to get married while traveling to Nha Trang. Moreover, a lot of couples make this church the background for their wedding album.

It is because Nha Trang Stone Church is a very romantic destination for dating. You and your mate will definitely have memorable moments here. Similar to its name, the cathedral is built by stones, making it a solid structure. It carries many architectural traits of Catholic churches in France, most of which have wide domes and rose-shaped window-panes. As one of the most popular places for dating, Nha Trang Stone Church will make you feel like you are in a small corner of fabulous France.

Nha Trang tours are waiting for you. Don’t miss the chance to have a private time with your lover and book tickets immediately.

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