Visit Vietnam in winter – Where should we go?


Don’t just think winter is full of snow, meanwhile on the other side of the Earth, Asian countries especially Vietnam is much warmer. Not thing better than leaving behind the freezing winter to enjoy the warmth of the sun in Vietnam.

The climate in Vietnam is quite different from many countries, divides into 3 zones: North, South, and Central. While in Northern Vietnam, the climate is humid and subtropical, the climate in Southern Vietnam is tropical all year round. According to the climate of the three regions, we highly suggest you travel to Southern Vietnam and Northern Vietnam as in the winter the Central is rainy season while the other is the dry season. Visiting Central Vietnam at that time may prevent you from enjoying the warm sunshine. However, in the winter, Northern Vietnam is quite cold and Southern Vietnam is warmer.

Here are some interesting tourist attractions for your Vietnam winter tour:

Nha Trang

What should we do to avoid freezing winter? The answer is going to the Nha Trang.It’s the best time to travel Vietnam beaches. The warm and clean beach with clear sky and sunshine attract the visitors a lot. When Northern Vietnam suffers from a freezing cold, Southern Vietnam is full of warm. Visitors can take part in many entertaining activities and live in multiple luxury hotels and resorts. One of the most interesting activities is go fishing. After that, you can prepare your “bounty” by yourself.

Nha Trang beaches

Nha Trang beaches

Con Dao

Con Dao is known to be one of the best tourist attraction in Vietnam. The winter is definitely the high-season when a large number of visitors come here. Similar to Nha Trang, Con Dao has many famous beaches which are clean and warm. Furthermore, the natural scenery of this island is such a fairyland. Imaging, you are on the beach, enjoying the warm and clear water in charming islands along with smoothy sand. You can also go diving and discover the coral reefs.

Con Dao – the most beautiful island in Vietnam

 Con Dao – the most beautiful island in Vietnam


Leaving the beautiful beach to go to Da Lat – the mountain city. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Vietnam. After the late-season rain, wild sunflower blooms alongside every road in Da Lat. It makes the misty city brighten than ever. If you are a beauty lover, don’t miss this beautiful moment.

Phu Tho

Tired of lying under the sun on the beaches, people come to Northern Vietnam to enjoy the coldness but not freezing. Do you feel uncomfortable when having to wear a thick and heavy coat? Don’t worry, come to Phu Tho, you can enjoy relaxing time with thermal spring.

Tam Dao – Vinh Phuc

In winter, no matter day or night, Tam Dao always has a thin fog covering the whole land. It makes Tam Dao become both mysterious and beautiful. Explore the magnificent panorama is great but it would be greater if you sit there to have a cup of coffee and take a photo.

Tam Dao is coved by fog

Tam Dao is coved by fog

Dong Cao – Bac Giang

Have you ever heard about camping in winter? If you still have no plan for this winter, you should come here with your friends and family. Enjoy peaceful time when go camping and eating grilled chicken together will be the best experiences

Lai Chau

Lai Chau receives hundreds of visitors every winter season. Thermal spring in Lai Chau names Vang Po. With pleasant temperature, this hot spring will help you to relax after hard-working days. Moreover, you can climb the O Quy Ho to take spectacular photos.

Thermal spring in Lai Chau

Lao Cai

In Lao Cai, visitors will have a chance to stand on the top of Vietnam, Fansipan. When climbing to the top, you can feel the freezing in every wind thus proudly lift the Vietnamese national flag. These things are definitely worth to travel to Vietnam.

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