What are for Nha Trang dishes Vietnamese cannot live without


Nha Trang tour is such a familiar name expected to raise the eyebrows of any beach lovers. The place is referred to as an appealing city for gastronomy fans. Nha Trang dishes are an ideal fusion of both Vietnamese and Western cuisine. Apart from widely known impeccable things to do in Nha Trang, have you ever wondered what the dwellers virtually eat beside all the high ranking recommendations found on Internet? Have a look at these four suggestions below that shaped the brand of this Central Vietnam coastal city.


Nha Trang

Nem nướng – Grilled sausage:

When the topic of Nha Trang cuisine is around the corner, no one fails to recognize Ninh Hoà grilled sausage or Nha Trang grilled sausage in general. Both fermented pork roll and grilled sausage are famous under the brand Ninh Hoà, yet natives usually choose to be served grilled pork on site and purchase some fermented pork rolls as souvenirs.

Ninh Hòa fermented pork rolls are made out of small sliced pork skin wrapped with star fruit leaves in order to release a special fragrance. Having Ninh Hoà fermented pork and grilled sausage, you will get to taste a balance of slight sourness, sweetness, crispiness, and softness all at once. Last but not least, do not forget to order some green papaya salad as a must-have side dish.


Ninh Hoà grilled sausage

Thịt bò nướng Lạc Cảnh – Lạc Cảnh grilled beef:

Grilled beef is one of the most sought-after names in the list of Nha Trang food. The secret recipe behind this sensational icon is a method of mixing harmoniously the beef themselves alongside with honey and other ten home-made flavors at Lạc Cảnh restaurant. Lạc Cảnh grilled beef is perfectly cut into cube-shaped pieces and placed on the grill. There are multiple types of beef served at Lạc Cảnh restaurant, which are usually used with fresh herbs. You can choose to have added bread or steamed rice. If you ever have a chance to visit this Central city, do not forget to have a Nha Trang food tour for yourself.


Lạc Cảnh grilled beef

Bún chả cá – Grilled fish noodle soup:

This is a pretty unique type of delicacy whose broth is well stewed with sailfish and Mackerel bone, which aims to create a pure and sweet taste that can hardly be found elsewhere. A special portion of grilled fish noodle soup also contains jellyfish and ground boiled sailfish meat.

Bún chả cá Nha Trang is basically served with smoky pure and fragrant broth, featured deep-fried grilled fish pieces, chewy steamed fish, and sliced green onion bonus crunchy jellyfish. An add-in portion of shredded fresh veggies and the spicy fish sauce will greatly release a tempting savory. This is definitely a perfect pick for those who are on a strict diet.


Grilled fish noodle soup

Newly caught seafood:

Known as a famous coastal city, Nha Trang offers the finest seafood you may have ever laid eyes off. You can feel free to have seafood in fine-dining restaurants or eateries along the coastline. However, the best and most interesting way to taste Nha Trang seafood is to purchase newly caught seafood. Local fishermen will take you floating eateries on a ferry. Over here, you will have an opportunity to be served with fresh seafood or choose to catch them on your own. Apart from shrimps, squid, blood cockle and snails, you are highly recommended to try fresh grilled fish in Nha Trang. Grilled gecko dipped with chili sault should also be on your list. If you are interested in raw food, do not forget to order salmon.


The best way to taste seafood

Nha Trang is famous for not only captivating beaches, fresh air, and serene atmosphere but also delicious native culinary with a full rich taste of the ocean, which all make Nha Trang always remain highly ranked in the list of irresistible destinations for visitors of all types. If your trip to Vietnam is coming right outside your doorstep, do not hesitate anymore and meet the best Nha Trang tour operator right here, right now.

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