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What to do in Nha Trang when the Sun is out?


Frankly speaking, we do not have any more words to illustrate how fabulous and sensational Nha Trang can be. This is ideally one of the top ranking coastal cities in Central Vietnam, if not to say all over the country, for both of the local and overseas beach lovers. Randomly toss a phrase of Nha Trang tour on the Internet, a good number of online magazines is showing you tons of reasons why you should visit Nha Trang at least once in your lifetime. Hence, our sharing today is not about which Nha Trang island tour you should take, yet to save more time on what you can experience on your own when the Sun is gradually gone.


See Nha Trang in your own way

Sailing Club

First, Sailing Club is definitely a sure thing you should reckon. The place is found right on the shore and divided into specific lounges which are fully designed with an impeccable concept and spacious area. If you are a music lover, pick Sailing Club to get your mind blown while zooming out towards the vast night ocean. Several lengthy cushions are offered for those who fancy a sit-back leisure.

Nha Trang night market and walking street

The best things to do in Nha Trang? Do not forget its authentic night market. Coming over this site, now you have a chance to live like a real local. Almost everything you can pop up in your mind will definitely be spotted out here. If you fail to pick the best restaurants for a family dinner, try Nha Trang night market instead.


Nha Trang night market

Squid night fishing

Getting on a boat and go fishing for squids at night offshore is undeniably a reward. When to get started? The moment when the Sun is all out is the right time you and your gang hop on a large boat and embark. Meanwhile, your friends or family are not the only buddies for this trip. Starting along is the presence of local sailormen who are experts in their daily occupation. Is that everything you have for this trip? Obviously not, gathering around a table by the edge of the boat and wait to bet served your own fishing products is another way to have your dinner done. Grilled and steamed freshly caught squids would then be dipped into the reddish hot chili sauce amid the wintry ambiance. I highly recommend this night pastime especially once you are in a Nha Trang group tour.


Hop on this boat and go fishing

Water music performance at Vinpearl Land

Have you heard of the term “Save the best for last?” This phrase is just so true for my last suggestion of the list. While Light and Music Show lights up Singapore’s Marina Bay, Vinpearl Land is obtaining its spectacular water music performance for the Vietnamese. This is one of the best focal points throughout a diversified range of Vinpearl Land’s entertainment. With over 5000 seats in its capacity, the show is seen as the best cutting-edge and largest water music play. This is a special art combining the harmony of light and water moves, as well as fire and sound. Each night, Vinpearl Land brings you to its well-operated and creative form of art. More about the complication of Vinpearl Land, this venue offers you a total brand new look of a mainstream amusement park. Now you do not have to worry about spending too much money on Disney Land, Universal Studios or Everland, Vietnam’s Vinpearl Land has it all.


Water music show at Vinpearl Land

My four honest advice above will clearly bring you a mind-blowing range of experiences at night in Nha Trang. Apart from other regular Nha Trang island tours, you can be offered throughout a day, getting ready for these one-of-a-kind activities when darkness comes is what you can save for the rest of the day. You can choose to reach Nha Trang either on a cruise, by flight, by train or make it a road trip. Feel free to spend up to a week there only, visit its iconic islands and get yourself the best local companion guide of all.

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